Monday, March 2, 2009

My husband loves me.....

I know he reads this, to bust me on my spending, to count down the days til the cruise and see what's for dinner, but he still calls me several times a day, which I totally love btw. But this morning was pretty silly, he called to see what was on my agenda for the day. He kind of insinuated that I should be extra careful when out, well, I said the obvious, "I'm a clutz". Well, yeah. LOL I took my walking boot off because it's raining cats and dogs and since it's my driving foot, I'd end up getting drenched, plus, I'm a clutz without even adding a clunky old air boot. I was very, very careful, didn't rush, and no boo-boos so far today. One more errand to run and then I'll stick it back on for the rest of the day. So far so good though. :)

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