Friday, February 27, 2009

BAD Doggy! BAD Children!

Gggrrrr! No pictures because I don't think I can hold my hand still long enough to capture her mugshot. How do you keep a dog from running off with something and DROPPING something of yours. I usually have more success with her during the day, but today, she seems to have cued in that I am in a walking boot again and thought it would be fun to toy with me. The other day I actually did get her to drop my tape. But today, was not successful at all. After she consumed the old lunch the kids threw away in the garbage upstairs(food is not allowed upstairs at all!) I finally got her to come down and grabbed her. Only again because I had treats in my hand, little snausages thingies, her favorite. I got her back on the leash and she KNEW right where she was going, back to the garage. I can't do this by myself during the day. I can't take her to doggy training school because of my broken foot. I'm totally ticked at this beast. AND the kids for leaving crap around. I called Mr. D and vented. I really don't want to get rid of her, but I can't do this, I need advice. And Caesar is a crock! I have the show with the mutt that did this same thing recorded and saved, however, our house is too big, and one person can't do this. It took a stinking team. And where's my team? Oh, they're the ones leaving crap out and then heading off to school. Do I hire someone to come walk her until I'm healed every morning? I'm just frustrated. I'd like someone to get up early and walk her so she'll be tired and less bored. But, yeah right, like that will happen in this house. Family dog, means FAMILY dog. I can't end this house time on a bad note, so I'll go get her and work with her on some skills and then have some play time. But I think she already had her play time with me. Advice?

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Fleming Family said...

How old is she? For the first year you can and should keep her on a leash at all times. Then you can have her at hand and teach her to not run away. This being said...our dog spent a lot of time in his kennel during the day the first year of his life. But his kennel was inside with us near by. He's now pretty calm and tomorrow is his 1 1/2 birthday mark. He still does stupid puppy things that upset us, but he's more manageable.

Keep up puppy training when you can. It's totally worth it so you can be trained on how to train her. :)

Good luck with your youngest child (your puppy). :)