Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Movie Review (SPOILERS!!!!!!!! You've been warned!)

The night finally came!!!!! I took Mermaid and her friend to the theatre at about 10:30. When we got there we were told to go to a different theatre number, I think the numbers surprised them. We were giggling at all the men there, they must really love their significant others a lot to be at a chick flick at midnight or they are incredibly smart and came to hopefully pick up some girl who was ready for ANYBODY to bite their neck! lol I was sitting next to one guy and his girlfriend on the other side, I laughed at a comment I overheard him say, "I can't believe I'm here. These girls are all looking at me like I'm gay." LOL Hardly dude, you're obviously a lady's man.

I was texting Lisa before it started, but she was an hour ahead of me and it was getting ready to start. But it was fun seeing her message when it was over and knowing there are other mommy fans sacrificing sleep too. For the most part the audience was filled with highschool girls, but plenty of moms too. We waited the hour borrowing our hairdresser's boss's Twilight Movie Guide and the time passed fast.

I was fully expecting lots of "cheese", but there were plenty of uncheesey parts. Kristin Stewart is adorable! I had reservations about Robert Pattinson, but I think he added just the right cheese and was much better looking on the big screen than his dishevelled lame interviews. Neither interview well, but I think they were good together on the big screen and played their roles well.

You just can't include everything from a 500+ page book that especially consists of a shy teenage girls thoughts. I think the movie though had the same "feeling" as the book. Not a huge budget, which it didn't need anyways, but the fight scene at the end delivered. What it was missing was more of the Cullen clan. Oh, my Alice! Not enough Alice! Alice is my favorite character through all of the books. She just makes me giggle out loud. Jasper was much younger looking than I imagined, hardly any Emmett at all, but he's kewl. Rosalie was done well, and Carlisle is sweet like I imagined. Esme had way little screen time too. Bella's dad, Charlie, was great too. Jacob played a minimal role too, but I'm looking forwarad to the sequel, which there will be!

The movie was 2 hours long, and it was hard to pick something they could have taken out to include scenes they missed. Um, Bella's Lullaby? Never discussed at all. The Lullaby from the soundtrack was there, but it was never called Bella's Lullaby or even insinuaded, but readers "know". The lab faint scene? I should have brushed up and read Twilight again right before, but I guess it probably was a good thing that I read the series back in July and stopped there, not going back because I missed what I should be missing. What I got was a fun night with my daughter and a theatre full of fans and ward members. It was better than I thought it would be, I was expecting FULL cheese. I can't wait for the sequel and it will definately be in our dvd collection.


Lisa said...

I had fun texting you too. I did think it was a little cheesy, and some of the characters were just weird looking..LOL But I did like it :) And I had a great time with 8 girlfriends, and others we met at the theater.

Margaret said...

OOoo glad for the review and glad to hear that it does not disappoint,at least not too much. Either way, it's just fun to go see a chic flick isn't it! And sometimes I just have to let myself feel that cheese, because I don't have enough of that in life. And yeah, maybe I won't reread the book so I don't remember what they left out! lol