Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Growing Up....

First the Fall Formal, all dressed up, and then the Driver's License today(which almost didn't happen). Mermaid had an appointment yesterday at the DMV, however, when she got there with Mr. D, the DMV was taped off, Special Op trailer, and the Chief of Police turned them away. Yeah, here in our mostly safe little podunk-a-dunk town. Well, I don't blame them, but after all the white powder substances and threats, you have to take them all seriously. Someone left a briefcase in the lobby at the DMV and not taking chances, the bomb squad was called in, cancelling the rest of the day, including a much anticipated test of OUR TEENAGE DAUGHTER! I called the 800 number and rescheduled another appointment, but she also suggested I just go in today and see if they have more insight into an earlier appointment. Sure enough, I commented on what a tough day they had the previous day, and got Mermaid slipped in to today! She passed, we're licensed, we're ready to go. I was VERY nervous at first, however, she's driven twice now this afternoon and evening, and I'm feeling better. She did a fantastic job on the way to the DMV and back to the school. I'm sure I'll be taking advantage of her new freedom soon enough.

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