Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post Prop 8...

I have remained neutral on this issue since the beginning. And when I did make comments, I felt I was fair to both sides. I have always believed political beliefs are just as sacred as religious beliefs, you just don't go there. I've been bashed by gay friends ONLY for being a member of my church. I've been bashed by members in my ward for remaining neutral on this political issue, so far as someone telling me I needed to redeem myself. RME. Oh, yeah, he went there, and I quickly interupted him telling him he didn't want to go there with me and crossed the line. I walked away losing all respect for that man. I have to say, I KNOW without a doubt he represented his own agenda, and not that of the Church. I don't believe every gay person wants to see the church lose it's religious freedoms, just like not every church goer wants to take away free agency. My vote was private, my conscious is clear, I don't believe I have done anything(or not) to disappoint our Savior. I slept well at night until I heard of all the threats, people losing their jobs or feeling forced to resign, religious and sacred buildings being defaced(all religions), public internet humiliation imo criminal of cyber harassment, modern day tar and feathering. Many of those sites ARE in violation of terms of agreement such as Facebook by targetting religions. I can turn the other cheek and pretend it doesn't get to me. But when the church put out this information, I had to share. I finally feel there is hope in this highly emotional, volatile, and sensitive issue. I hope we can come to a peaceful resolution soon, and in the mean time, I pray for peace and respectful discussion.

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