Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh WHERE was my camera!?

Today, I was driving my mom to the train station, an hour from here. The drive there is breathtaking even in the dead of summer with the amazing different shades of yellows, oranges, and browns from the dead grasses on the rolling hills. And when I say rolling, think of rolling Irish hills. Well, Spring is HERE. Those rolling hills are now every shade of green imaginable, from the dark green lime skin to the almost chartreuse bright geeen on a Granny Smith apple. Amazingly fresh and vibrant. The rolling hills and meadows along the drive are dotted with patches of yellow wild mustard and white wild flowers. As I came down this hill my mom and I just started laughing, something straight out of a "Happy California Cows" commercial. There they were, two mama cows and two babies stretched out on their bellies in the middle of a patch of white flowers with their noses up as if they're just taking in the sun. Priceless!!! Even some of God's dumbest(but yummiest) animals were revelling in the glorious happiness Spring brings.

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ang said...

What a beautiful description! Around here I notice if someone's grass in their yard is especially green--the foothills in Boise are still brown and usually are year round! Enjoy your beautiful green hills!