Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning!

I actually love this time of year! My inner-Jannet comes out. ;) Get to go through things and purge everything I haven't used in the last 2 years(minus my size 8 clothes which I still intend to get back into). My list:

All closets
Under the beds
Laundry room cupboards/drawers
Pantry/Medicine Cab
Bedroom Hutch
Bathroom drawers/cupboards
My area of the garage
Kitchen cupboards/drawers

Today(before I tackle the "little" projects:
Shower & Get Dressed
Throw chicken in the crockpot
Grocery shopping
Return stuff to Walmart
Call cruise lady to pay off balance
Walk on my treadmill
Work with weights
Check Emails & Boards

Have a fantastic day!!!!!!


takemetohawaii said...

I need to get busy! Great list. You do more in 1 day than I get done in a week. I'm trying to do better, though. I'm getting the spring cleaning bug, too.

kris... said...

Your inner Jannet! Ha ha hoo ha har har har! That's funny!

Heidi said...

Bring your inner-jannet bum over HERE!

ang said...

My idea of spring cleaning is...uh..actually I have no idea what spring cleaning is. Wanna show me?

just me said...

doesn't it feel good?!? you joke about the inner-jannet but you KNOW you love her! *rofl* glad you got stuff done!