Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Collections, Addictions, and Obsession...

In a discussion about collections the other day, I thought I really am not a collector. But then as I reached for my perfume this morning I had an ah-ha moment and realized I really am! (So I take that back Victoria.) I collect perfume samples, lots of them. I've worn Obsession by Calvin Klein since High School. I had more success going off Diet Pepsi for a whole two months than going without my Obsession. And I found a site that feeds my obsession with perfumes, Miss D's Samples . I can try out all the perfumes for a a fraction of the cost of an entire bottle and she always throws in extra goodies or samples with products I've also fallen in love with. I found Too Faced's Love Hangover in one of her collections. I have to hide that from my daughter. Another stand in for when my Obsession runs dry is Dolce & Gabbana(the original scent), and Giorgio Armani's Sensi is okay. I'm a sucker for perfumes. I can't pass them by. I wear it every day and as Shania Twain says, it makes me feel like a woman. And you can also say I collect jewelry I guess. My mom makes beautiful bling-bling, she knows what I like and what I'll wear, and if I buy her some beads or stones, she'll turn them into masterpieces for me. She turns watches into classy fashion accessories. The hardest part is deciding which one to wear.


Victoria said...

Jewelry is very pretty! I still haven't tried that perfume, someday I hope to.

Kelly A. said...

Hi, I found you linking around blogland.

My signature perfume is Happy by Clinique. But it takes me 4 or 5 years to get through a bottle. I am more a smelly lotion girl. My favorite scent is the creme brule lotion from Bath and Body works. But don't try that one when you are dieting because you'll just want to eat your arm off!

My husband is a jewelry freak, he loves to buy it for me. I'm ok with that! I have only started wearing it regularly now that I don't have babies to pull it off.