Thursday, February 1, 2007

100 Things You May or May Not Know About Me

I take my Diet Pepsi without ice * I love to read mystery novels * And I love murder mystery movies and shows * I have lots of white hair, not gray, white! * I get my hair colored * I love to draw up house plans still * I LOVE popcorn * I’ve watched my soap, All My Children since I was five * I had braces for five years * I want to take a nap at two o’clock every day * I used to be a vegetarian * I’m scared to death of crickets * I am not afraid of snakes * I love cockatiels * I don’t have any pets * I have been a secretary twice and those were my favorite jobs * My favorite dessert is cheesecake * I live in my sweats and jeans * I don’t like my feet being touched * I love perfumes * I have worn Obsession since high school * I love to decorate * I love to paint * Caesar salad is my favorite salad * I used to wish for twins but never ever expected them * I can’t stand country music * I bite my nails * I like to iron my husband’s shirts, it makes me grateful for him * I suffer from depression * I also love to scrapbook * I love James Patterson novels * I read the Book of Mormon out loud every day with my children and husband * My favorite fruit is mango * I can’t stand pumpkin pie * I make homemade cards * My husband proposed to me in a hula skirt and dressed like a girl in a giant cheeseburger parade float and I said yes! * I was born without tonsils and adenoids * I had my appendix taken out when I was eight but it was really a kidney stone the size and shape of an adult eye tooth * I was in ballet for over twelve years * I’m a third generation graduate from SLOHS * I cry at the end of the Lizzie McGuire Movie * My favorite sport is tennis * I lost my sister to a drunk driver 3 days short of her 18th birthday * I have never smoked a cigarette * I “breathe freely”, not to be confused with snoring * I have hazel eyes, yellow-orange in the center to green on the outside and extra black specks that make it look like I also have freckles in my eyes * I almost always have a candle or tart burning when I’m at home * I love being a stay at home mom * I love walking with my friend Nancy * My husband has only heard me sing once * I’m lactose intolerant * My favorite kids’ movie is Monster’s Inc. * I dip my pizza in ranch dressing * I love lobster, shrimp, & scallops * I want to visit Paris where my husband lived for 2 years * I cut my hair when I was 18 and will never grow it out again * My favorite soup is Italian Wedding * I hate camping * I love playing card games * My husband BBQs the hamburgers, I BBQ everything else * I get to go on another cruise next year some time * I love Survivor * Nate Berkus is my favorite designer * I get a kick out of driving the kids from seminary each morning up to the high school * I have really fine and straight hair * I want to learn Spanish * I have no green thumb * I like to cook * I like to shop for bedding * I’m can make pretty simple repairs around the house * I no longer have to worry about “that time of the month”! Yay * I have only ever had 1 tooth cavity * I used to be afraid of the dentist because I have an awful gag reflex * I was taller than my mom when I was in 4th grade * I don’t like cherries or cherry flavoring * I cut school to go to a fake protest, I didn’t really care, just wanted to get out of school * I snuck out to the cemetery to watch movies at the drive-in theater * I’ve devastated that our Papa Murphy’s is out of business, I love their Gourmet Veggie de-Lite * I would go back to work for my last boss in a heart beat if he opened up an office in our part of the county * I took karate for 3 months but then I found out I was pregnant with twins and my Dr. made me stop * I memorize phone numbers instantly * I used to be a crazy driver, now I’m a “mommy” driver and much safer * When my parents went out of town my best friend came over and taught me how to drive stick in their car * I love the snow but don’t ski * When we lived in Utah I used to love to take the convertible up into the mountains even when it was freezing cold and smell the Aspen trees * Scrabble is my favorite board game * I took an hour long helicopter ride in Hawaii and it turned out the other passenger(total stranger) was roommates with my ex-boyfriend’s sister, small world! * My husband and I were married on his dad’s birthday by his dad, a bishop * I bought the first wedding dress I tried on and it needed no alterations * I had kidney reconstruction surgery after my first daughter was born and recovered twice as fast as they expected * I predicted exactly when I would go into labor with my 2nd child and did! But he came out too fast and missed my birthday by an hour and 5 minutes * I met a cousin I didn’t even know existed when he came into my store and commented we had the same eyes * I was a candy striper in jr. high * I like Postum in the morning with flavoring * I like sappy Lifetime channel movies * My favorite move is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days * I have a crush on Chris Daughtry * When my husband retires I would really like to go on a couples mission with him and then work in the temples * I love my Heavenly Father and know I am blessed even more than I can possibly comprehend!


Victoria said...

I love your list. Thank you for sharing it.

Kari said...

I loved your list! You know, it's because of your recommendation that I found the Veggie DeLight Pizza from Papa Murphy's, and I LOVE it too!!!

Thank you!