Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let Them Eat Chocolate!....

I was nibbling on some Dove chocolates tonight and they were oh SO good.  I was sharing of course, yeah, I was sharing.  And I opened one with a saying inside that reminded me of my dear friend Jannet.  So, I set it aside to tell her later.  And then the next one I opened, I mean, my kid opened, yeah, my kid, reminded me of Jannet again.  So I set that one aside too and giggled out loud.  And then my kid, yeah, the other one, uh-huh, the other one, opened one, and that one made me laugh out loud because it was like Jannet wrote it herself.  And then, I had to check it out and see if I could find ANOTHER one, and yep.  So, I took a pic of all of them.  I know, but if you know Jannet, you would think of her too! 

 Minus the champagne part, insert "Sonic". ;)

 Cross out "not".  ;)


1 comment:

just me said...

oh jenne - i just love you!! and you're right - they are SO me!! hahahaha. i love the tiara one. smooches - xoxoxo!!