Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Back in the boot, 6 weeks. That says, Heel spur fracture with plantar fascitis, and the other note is, possible hair line heel fracture. I don't know how I did it. My guess is I have bone density issues with my left foot as well as my right. Was just my right foot, but my left foot seems to be following suit. I have a call into primary to see if I can get a bone density screening or something. Then I need to call my uro to see if there is ANYTHING I can take. See, when I was 8, I had my first mega-kidney stone. It looked like an adult eye tooth, shape AND size. First of 7 mega stones surgically removed before I was 18. I've had several since then too, but after pyeloplasty(stretching and restructuring) surgery, they usually slide right through and I don't even notice for the most part. Yay! But, when I was 10, and had my second kidney stone attack, the treatment THEN was to take you off calcium. They know better now, but that was also the time I grew A LOT and was on pointe shoes for ballet. I came home ballet in tears because of the pain throughout my body due to arthritis. The arthritis seemed to have reversed itself once they decided the side effects of the diet therapy wasn't worth it and I had "moderate" amounts of calcium. The thing was, I was pretty much already on a restricted calcium diet that may have actually CAUSED the stones because I didn't drink milk. Add to that the high doses(then, once again, now they know better) of prednisone to control my asthma. No one's fault really, just the luck of the draw. One day we'll get this all figured out and in the meantime I feel very blessed to have healthy kids and they don't seem to have inherited all of my fun health stuff.

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Terresa said...

I happened upon your blog while browsing through Mormon Mommy blogs.

My husband, too, suffers from kidney stones. He's had 'em since age 24 (he's now 37). he passes a few each month, usually small ones. He's been hospitalized for them once, but luckily has been able to pass them all.

I joke that he's had about 4 dozen babies...all kidney stone babies, with no epidural, either.