Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to School!

(It's like Christmas for mommies everywhere!)

School has started, and I feel like I'm getting back into my homemaking groove. I love it. The Mermaid is a senior this year and she is BUSY! Ick is in 8th grade and knows it. K-Bug & Bones are in 7th and enjoying all the changes in school, especially having multiple classes and not being stuck in one classroom all day. They don't have any classes together this year, which makes me sad in a way. Ick and Bones have one class together, their elective. But that might change, and if K-Bug gets her way she'll be in that class with Bones and Ick, which is, Improv! She didn't know what it meant so she didn't sign up for it, but now she wants in it BAD, and I'd appreciate her having that outlet to be funny instead of the classroom. We'll have a house full of comedians.

We are trying something different this year, which can make us very poor, but I hope so! A=$20, B=$10, C=nothing, D=they owe US $10, and an F=grounding AND they owe us $20. There aren't a lot of ways kids can earn money in our little town, and they have some wants now, so we're giving it a try. Money's a good motivator, we hope!

During the day it's just me and Bella(The Beast). I bore her so she sleeps most of the day. After the bus drops the kids off down the street it makes a pass on a road that runs parallel to ours. Bella usually runs out before the bus goes by, she either just knows or senses it, or maybe she really can hear the bus drop them off. Then she takes her spot out on the porch to wait for her "kids" to come home. I really do get excited too when they get home, hear about their day and someone to bring up the mail, lol.

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Denise said...

Oh, that's so cute about Bella, waiting for her kids to come home. i love it!