Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally Quit Drinking All Soda 6 Months Ago....

I finally gave up Diet Pepsi, and it just wasn't that hard to be honest. I had yet another broken foot, and I'm doing anything and everything I can think of to get these brittle bones in my foot to heal. I started swimming to take advantage of the Natural Vitamin D and take supplements. I can't take calcium because of the kidneys(also why I have brittle bones in my tootsies, just my feet so far) so I just need to get my body to absorb it. So, in the process of getting creative(and copying Arnold Palmer and Starbucks), I came up with this.

Brew 5-6 of any berry flavored herbal tea bags in 8 cups of boiling water and let cool. I drop 5-6 in my coffee maker we've renamed Mrs. Cocoa. My favorite is Trader Joe's Blackberry Infusion(it's herbal), and I've tried and love Celestial Seasoning's Blueberry or Red Zinger(I think that's what it's called, I'm just too tired to get up and double check), ANY herbal berry flavored tea. When it's cooled, remove the tea bags and mix in a gallon pitcher with one tub of Crystal Light Lemonade and 5-6 low calorie sweetener packets such as Stevia or Splenda. Add enough water to make a gallon. Even BETTER, add 2 qts. real lemonade made from lemon juice and Stevia to the Berry Tea mix:) I'm also trying to give up artificial sweeteners and stick to Stevia. I buy it online through Amazon, cheapest and free shipping.

For you Utah girls, soda=pop. ;) I didn't realize that Californians called bubbly, "soda", and Utahans called it, "pop". LOL

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