Friday, September 28, 2007

Down with Mr. Coffee, Up with Mrs. Cocoa....

Aaahhhh. The weather is definately cooling, and that means hot cocoa and Postum have replaced popsicles and lemonade. Cold cereal for oatmeal, and the blender for the hot water pot. Before I hop in the cold car to drive Mermaid to seminary I like to pour myself a travel mug of cocoa or Postum for the chilly drive there. It's 10 minutes each way, and while the heater works, it doesn't warm my core.

A few years ago I bought a coffee maker, but it is solely used for hot water. I always wondered why Mr. Coffee gets his name on a hot pot, so, to make things fair, I labeled over "Mr. Coffee" and renamed my cold morning ritual to "Mrs. Cocoa". Afterall, what good would Santa be without the Mrs?

And my new favorite addition to my cocoa or Postum, Coffee Mates Blueberry Cobbler flavored creamer. Oh my!


Kris said...

HA! I love the name you've given your "water heater." Makes me wish I drank coffee, just so I could wake up to that "smell" and have a nice steaming cup ready for me first thing.

Lisa said...

What a great idea! I love postum too. Coffee flavored with French Vanilla creamer and a ton of sugar. Just like drinking a candy bar :)