Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vacation Food....

As our cruise gets closer I'm getting more in the mood for vacation yummies. I love Fish Tacos, Ceviche, any kind of seafood grilled.... MMMMMmmmmm. When Mr. D goes out of town that's my chance to cook my seafood favorites. You'd think growing up in Morro Bay he'd like it, but nope, that's precisely why he doesn't like it. He's been around it his whole life. One kid baulked at the idea of fish tacos, but I don't care, it's what's for dinner. And after heating up the tortillas for me and digging into one herself she said she didn't "hate it" and went back for seconds, finally admitting they aren't bad. As long as they're fresh, I could eat these every day.

I like to make my own sour cream mix. I LOVE these tubed herbs. Herbs and lettuce have to be absolutely fresh or I toss them out, a lot of produce goes to waste in our house unfortunately. Mix a few Tbl. of Cilantro, a few drops of Spiracha Chili Sauce(just for a kick) with some fat free sour cream, easy peazy.

Shred the lettuce and wash, wash, wash, or even the pre-packaged slaw and lettuce shreds are good.

I prefer Mahi Mahi, but the store was out, so I picked up some cod, it's mild in flavor too, and flakes "pretty". When I brought it home from the store I marinated it in soy sauce, crushed garlic, fresh ground black pepper. Cook at a high temp on a non-stick pan with a little bit of canola oil until, just a few minutes on each side. It's done after you've flipped it and it flakes easily. Put into a bowl to seperate the layers.

Warm the tortillas.

The fish should just flake or fall apart as you put it in a serving bowl.

Layer on the yummy goodness and imagine yourself at the beach with Sancho serving you, big grin, pina colada(virgin of course), and a big bowl of chips and salsa. I can hear Jimmy Buffet in my head, "Cheeseburger in Paradise"!


kris... said...

I'm not a big fish fan only because I have a hard time finding a good way to cook it. I might have to try fish taco's one day, though. I love the sauce you made, will so be trying that (we LOVE sirachi here!).

Tamara said...

Sancho? Who's Sancho? Me, I prefer Armando. LOL! Those look scrumdiddlyumptious! I've never had a fish taco, but I love seafood and all the other stuff you put on there. And how did I miss that there is such a thing as tubed herbs?? Next time I hit the grocery store I will be picking some up! I always have fresh herbs in the fridge. Well, maybe not so fresh. I never use them all up before they spoil, which is why I'm starting my own herb garden.