Thursday, February 5, 2009

Assorted Musings....

I've been loving having the opportunity to read friends' "25 Random Thoughts" on Facebook. Some are silly and I love that, but some have been really touching, sweet, and revealing. I've had several "pondering" thoughts since reading so many, much more revealing about myself. What would I say instead or add?

1. I've never understood the glass half empty/full analogy. I get very confused on that because I'm so grateful for EVERYTHING I have or had. Even the crappy times in my life, the mistakes, the trials, and the really bad stuff. It made me stronger and a better person because of them. Yes, I'm even grateful for the lowest times in my life.

2. And the Natural Man analogy. That the "Natural Man" is referred to negatively. I don't understand that either. On the side I have my favorite quote. I don't believe for one second that the Natural Man means any harm. The Natural Man was born just like you and me, good, and wants to be a better person. Deep down, every person has or had good in them, somewhere. Some get lost along the way.
3. I'm learning not to sweat the small stuff. Anyone who really knows me, knows what a control freak I am. This is a HUGE step.

4. I was absolutely born at the right time. Technology and medical advances, have kept me alive this far. I have no desire to live in the past or wish I was born in a different time. I shave my legs everyday, so petticoats would never have gone well. I also believe medical advances, like epidurals, were answers to many women(and husbands)prayers, they're a gift. I much prefer laboring and giving birth in the hospital. I'm used to hospitals, so I'm comfortable with asking for what I want. I also can't live without the Internet.

5. I don't like to be the decision maker. I much prefer, being a "doer". My favorite jobs I've ever had were both secretarial positions, one for 3 years until we moved, and another for 4(until I had twins). I'd go back to work now for either one of those bosses in a heartbeat.

6. I do not like being the center of attention. I was painfully shy as a child and had no problem talking to adults, but my peers scared the crud out of me. They were nice enough, I was just a big anxious blob. I always wished I could be as outgoing as my friends. I found out some classmates thought I was a snob, but seriously, I am not. Just terrified and shy.

7. My husband proposed to me in the middle of a giant cheeseburger float during a 4th of July parade in front of hundreds of people. See #6. Surprisingly I completely forgot how uncomfortable I was with my audience.

8. I'm annoyed by bad spelling. If there are spelling errors, it's usually because I need to vacuum my keyboard or I was watching t.v. when I was typing and not paying attention.

9. We should all be accountable for our own actions, and those actions have consequences, whether fair or not. I should expect reactions if I decide to do something drastic with my appearance. If I hurt someones feelings, I should expect the consequence to be that person has every right to take as long as they want if they want to forgive me. No man is perfect, except maybe Wentworth Miller and Chris Daughtry. ;)

10. I used to drive really fast and aggressive. But since my sister's accident and having children I've mellowed to the point I annoy my husband. I hate him driving my car though because I'm not in control. If he's driving I have to play games on my Blackberry or read.

11. I'm obsessive, especially about even numbers.

12. I have to write one more, to end on an even number. :)

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kris... said...

OMGosh, #6 is the story of my life! I was told I was a stuck up snob all through school, but seriously, I was SO shy, I cannot STAND to be the center of attention (hated that game Curses... even with friends I am just not comfortable being the center of attention!). and I am a little finicky about even things, too... and having things lined up just so... we're just wierd.