Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

January 12, 1991 ~ San Luis Obispo, CA
Embassy Suites

Now that I've finished scanning and putting it all together, I'm all ooey and gooey and a big sentimental blob. I've been thinking for days how to put into words how much I love you and I just don't think those words exist in any language. So, 18 reasons(for every year we've been married) that make me love you ~
1. The way you call me or text me several times a day to tell me either silly little things, just a funny thought you wanted to share with ME. Makes me feel special and I know I'm loved.
2. That you've never made me feel like I had to fulfill a "traditional" role, you will cook when I haven't a clue what to make, or am just too tired.
3. You tease, but never gripe, about my little quirks and OCD's.
4. You credit me and are humble when I do something, you don't know how loved that makes me feel, and appreciated.
5. You're sentimental and romantic, but also silly and yes, funny(I admit this publically for the first time).
6. You support me always.
7. You brought me 4 incredible children.
8. Even though we're opposites in so many ways, somehow we end up on the same brain wave most of the time.
9. You don't sweat the small stuff.
10. You're willing to go out of your comfort zone just to understand me, and your dd's(don't worry, I won't let everyone know what book you're reading).
11. You are willing to draw attention to yourself so others feel more comfortable.
12. You shoot for those big dreams you have and don't hold back.
13. You're not afraid to cry in public.
14. Family means the most to you too.
15. You're an appreciative person.
16. Your love for the gospel and eternal values.
17. Your gentleness and tender ways.
18. You say "I Love You" often and when I least expect it.

I love you!


Kristin said...

Happy Anniversary! I hadn't seen all of those pictures. That was a very nice tribute. I know you said you wouldn't tell...but he's not reading Twilight, is he??? :) You two really do make a perfect match. We have so much fun hanging out with you guys. Love you both!

Jenne said...

LOL, let's just say his nickname is Charlie now. So wish we lived closer! But can't wait to see you in April!

Angela said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a cute couple of silly kids you are! And such a nice tribute to your dh--what a sweetie!

Denise said...

That's gorgeous, Jenne! Happy Anniversary!

Kimberly said...

Awesome and lovely!

Tamara said...

Aww, happy anniversary!