Sunday, January 25, 2009


Nothing really worth posting. My sinuses plugged up this week and now I'm positive I have a double ear infection, so I'm kinda cranky and overly sensitive to noise right now. I'm only going to church today because Mermaid is giving a talk, so I'm going to try to duck out after her part and cross the street to Urgent Care. They can never SEE my ear infections, but it hurt to put on earrings, that's how bad it hurts. Maybe they'll knock me out and just put me down. Ugh.

On a lighter note though, Bones is supposed to get his half cast on Thursday with a walking boot, yay!!!!! He takes up the whole middle row in the Durango so we have to take two cars if we want to go somewhere together as a family. K-Bug's finger is looking better, I'm starting to wonder if she will lose her nail because it looks so good! The Dr. at the ER put a stitch right through the nail, and maybe that did the trick, it's colorful in the middle, but the rest of it looks normal. And where the nail was poking up at the cuticle, you could never tell(it was hanging by one side before). Kids are resilient! We're also going in on Friday to get our hair cut, and she's going to whack it all off for Locks of Love. She's been growing it out for over a year, it looks so beautiful, this is the longest it's ever been. So, I'll be sad to see it go, however, what a great thing for her to do.

I think "Glow Stick" is out of my shower now so I can go take my bathroom back over and finish getting ready for church. (If you scroll down, you'll see why he's earned the nickname "Glow Stick". The nice thing about him being so stinkin' skinny is, we didn't have to cut off any of his pants legs with this full cast, his leg actually looks normal in it, lol!

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Tamara said...

I meant to ask, did everyone survive the ski trip without incident? You guys are almost the most accident-prone people I know! LOL