Thursday, January 29, 2009


Clod: A lump or chunk, especially of earth or clay, Earth or soil, A dull, stupid person; a dolt. That's what the Dr. said they call boys that break their bones. But girls, they call them "Grace". LOL

He's just a TAD bit ticklish, so this was funny. He was trying to be very serious so he wouldn't giggle.

Bending his knee for the first time was the hardest part.

He chose blue because he'll get spirit points for wearing their school colors. LOL

Bones now has two more weeks of two crutches and no weight bearing. Then one week, one crutch, then one week of walking on it or using one crutch. Four more weeks and the blue cast is off and then limited P.E. and activities. Apparently this is the cool thing to do because there are quite a few cast wearing kiddos in front of the school waiting for parents too when I pick up the kids. One girl in Eric's grade JUST got out of a cast just like Bones. I pull up and she has a lime green one on her arm. Oy! She broke it skiing up at Dodge too. I think Orthos make quite a bit of money up here in the Sierras. Judging by the kids in casts, I think that's a pretty fair assumption.

If you're new to this blog, HERE is the incident report.

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