Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Night High School Football Widow....

I am no football fan, but I'm listening tonight because I know dh will be on with the radio announcer. I don't like big crowds, a cold butt(there is no such thing as being comfortable at a football game), or using high school restrooms(and I go a lot). So, I'm staying at home, twins are keeping me company too. Mermaid should be sending me pics from the game any time. Any time. Any time now.....

Okay, some randomness just because I'm totally bored:
This was dh's greeting when he came home from work on his b-day! 150 balloons, and we thought the puppy would have a blast running into the middle of them, but NOOOOOOO, she's afraid of balloons, rme. Mr. D thought it was hilarious though!

This is just SO cute! I went with Mermaid to a quilt show and this was one of them I just loved. Fabric covered cherries and leaves, so cute, very Mary Engelbreit. Not for my walls, but I do love it.

I just loved this quilt. Reminded me of our high school yearbook, "The Real You" was the theme, with square blocks and just one tilted to the side. These were all black and white pieces except one red and black piece. I love black and white anyways.

K-Bug's new talent - BASKETBALL! They won their first game 42-2. She's not THE shortest player on the team, but definately the cutest.

This is a puppy one of K-Bug's teamates is training to be a guide dog. TOTALLY green with envy. He was like this, calm, the whole time and is the same age as Bella! I considered running home and grabbing her and switching, I don't think he'd notice.

Zac Efron is SO yesterday, lol! This is what I found when I went upstairs to the game room.

And...... just an out of focus thumbnail from Mermaid of the field, so I won't publish it.

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