Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Appalled, Embarassed, Irate....

Those are the feelings I had when I opened up the latest email from a group I now see as fanatical hypocrits. I fired off a letter to them, demanding being removed from their "newsletters". They don't care how they go about their "cause", savecalifornia.com. Protecting families is their "goal", however, they are all too eager to continue allowing families to suffer from the lack of budget. That means families that couldn't eat, get health care they needed, and afford to drive to and from work and school because the legislators couldn't pass their budget. That is about the most un-Christian like thing I have heard in a long time. And it's anti-family, the very thing they claim to try to protect. Here's a quote

"It is sad and angering that the Republican assemblymembers and state senators didn't care enough to use their leverage to stop all the anti-family bills. Governor Schwarzenegger had pledged to veto every one of these bills. If only the Republicans had held up the budget 11 more days. They could have defeated every anti-family bill and every other bad bill passed by the majority Democrats.

You deserve to know the truth. It may seem unbelievable that pro-family Republican legislators didn't use their power to stop awful bills when they had the chance. But that's exactly what happened. Let me give you the bottom-line facts:"

Their newsletter goes on to give "facts"(???????) that are supposedly much more important than the food, health, viability, and welfare of the thousands of Californians affected by the budget solution. Save California my butt!

Okay, I'm done venting now.

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