Monday, August 11, 2008

There is no escaping Twilight!

Just give in, if you haven't already! LOL Yesterday, I taught the lesson in RS, don't worry, I wasn't trying to compare anything from Stefenie Meyers collections to gospel principles. I was just remarking how easy it was for me to sit down and read all 4, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn in less than two months. And they are NOT small books. Yet, I was kicking myself in the bootie over not being able to complete personally, President Hinckley's Book of Mormon Challenge a few years ago. He challenged us to read the timeless 531 page book in 5 months time. That challenge created the largest book club ever, even more of a support system than the countless Twilight fan sites that pop up overnight. So, I've gotta do it, I'm cracking down and committing to finishing it up in 5 months time. The Book of Mormon has brought our family so many blessings since we started reading it as a family years ago.

In the mean time, just more proof that you cannot escape the Twilight phenomenon.

This is an actual street around the corner from us.

And a candy bar I just couldn't resist buying even though I hate dark chocolate. Not bad for dark though! They even make an 87% Eclipse bar!

A car I used to want: (Mitsubishi Eclipse)

Breaking Dawn over sunsets anyday. I much prefer sunrises over sunsets, especially if I'm on a cruise ship! My favorite part is when the sun just pops up from the horizon, but it still looks as if it's connected by some imaginary booger of lava, then suddenly it breaks apart and the ocean and the sun are two. Aaaahhhhhh, I can't wait to sail again.

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