Friday, July 25, 2008

Some things a man just shouldn't do....

Now, let me start off, first, I love Mr. D, but there are some things that he just can't do. This is not a bash, because he truly can do many things wonderfully I'll list below. When it comes to carpentry, I have to repeat to myself, "Spackle can fix it" over and over again. These are pictures of his attempt to hang some shelves in his closet. I had the stuff in there and was going to do it while he was out of town, got busy and forgot. So, when he got home he tried. First attempt, looked nice, but then suddenly there was a big loud crashing boom 15 minutes later, and I didn't have to even go look, I knew what it was. He used anchor bolts(but not enough), and I just don't know how he does it. Second attempt I walked in, and even HE was laughing at himself. Claims the "stud finder" doesn't work. I've had a few missed hits myself, I can buy it(to a degree). Notice the bottom brace doesn't have a screw, well, really it does, it just broke off while he was screwing it in. So, now I need to find my spackle/joint compound and patch over it. See, problem solved.

As far as what he does do well though, he can turn Girls Camp archery into an event that could be from "I Survived A Japanese Game Show". He can take the puppy for a walk in the dark. He can put up with me during PMS week. He keeps his kids close by doing all kinds of fun things with him, and they like it. He'll dance the Cha-Cha wearing scuba gear in front of the community with his dd to raise money for an after-school program for kids. He'll cook when I just don't feel like it. He knows how to keep his mouth shut when I would stomp my feet and scream at stupid parents.

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Kristin said...

So funny! You know I was laughing...And you can't blame him too much...I believe it is in the genes. :)