Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pouncing Lessons...

We're just in love with this little girl. Potty training is going great again, especially now that she's getting her UTI taken care of. Poor thing, was just pee'ing all the time, whining, and trying to pee every two steps. We took her in for her puppy shots and the doc said her hormones are out of whack and caused a little va-jay-jay infection(not his words) and a result was also a UTI. She takes her meds well, and she's a happy little camper again! She's SO good. I can't believe we ended up with a puppy that is so dang sweet, cute, and well behaved. Even the biting is getting under control. Her new thing is "pouncing", reminds us of Lion King. She's absolutely hysterical, and she pounces from about, oh, 3". LOL This morning Bella was running around on the deck and she disappeared around the corner so I was heading around the corner to peek on what kind of mischief she was into. She was coming back around already though, and I recognized those little creepy steps. I was her target too! LOL From about 10 feet away, she comes creeping towards me, with her little bootie getting higher up in the air with each step. So I stand there(let her have a success, lol) and she gets close enough to lick my shoe when she pounces on it. LOL Big success! She got me! LOL She then makes sure I know she loves me and my feet are smothered with puppy breath kisses. She pounces on everything now, I'm sure our reaction has helped her understand she's putting on the cutest show for us. I'll try to capture her soon, because it really is the most adorable thing.

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