Saturday, July 5, 2008


We've been home now for almost a week. Getting back into the "groove" of being a sahm with kids and a dh home for the summer has been a little slow. Maybe being in paradise helped, but I've now officially turned the a/c from 71/72 to 75/76 for the most comfort. Mr. D even came home and complained the house was too hot last night, that's a FIRST. I was just proud I went all day without turning on the a/c! So, maybe going to hot and humid crystal clear water paradise helped?

We got home Monday about 3 a.m., had to do the scale thing to see just how much I gained while away. 3 lbs., not bad, I must say. But, I knew I also had a LOT of water retention, my ankles were gone, couldn't find them. Even though the ship water is desalienated, it still must have a lot of salt, I didn't put salt on anything I ate all week. But Tuesday morning I stepped back on the scale and was back down to my pre-cruise weight. So, that was all water! Woohoo! I don't know how I managed to do that, not really gain anything. I'm convinced stress has a lot to do with how you hold your weight. So, I'm going to include some kind of relaxation routine in my continuing effort to lose.

Now, on to really cleaning the house.

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