Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation Bruises and "Crap"....(hopefully not tmi, lol)

Growing up, my mom was(still is) just a tad overprotective. My pediatrician told her that I should have bruises on my shins and skinned elbows. Children should have fun, and those are all signs that a child is out having fun. I've always remembered that. Last Tuesday was our stop in Roatan, Honduras. We rode horses for 2 1/2 hours down a street, where the horses could not stop and chomp off a huge bite of the greenery. Then through a little out of the way shop lined street that frequent tourists must visit, dive shop, scooter rentals, mom & pop's restaurants that made my mouth water. Then onto the beach with the horses. There were six of us plus the guide, Chester. Yeah, I know what it rhymes with, and he had to "help" me there too, all innocent, my saddle pad folded up funny when I hopped on, and it would be EXTREMELY uncomfortable if he didn't help me. My bil had to come over and help another time too. Yeah, that was weird! lol I'm trying to forget that. So, now, we're on the beach, and I'd gotten to know my horse, Rain, a little better. I knew he didn't like other horses sniffing his butt, he kicked a few times. He responded better than any horse I'd ever ridden though to my direction, I thought we were matched up well. I gave a little tug to the left, he went that way, to the right, he went that way. He didn't just follow the guide or the horse in front, he knew his way, and he also was well trained. Good horsey, good good horsey.

Now, we're on the beach, and just in awe of the quaint little docks extending randomly. Some had little palapas to sit under, some divers were getting ready to go in at the end of one, a few local fishermen & children. Locals and tourists dipping their feet in the water at the end of some. Then there were some with no one on them where I imagined myself. We went for quite a ways without seeing anyone. Then my horse, who I lovingly rubbed his back when I got the chance to let him know how much I loved him and appreciated this generous ride, decided to show off a little. We came to a little stream of run-off fresh water dumping into the ocean, which we were right next to. One step over and his hooves would be in the beach water which was totally still and glassy. This little "stream" stopped the horse in front of me. Our guide told us that they're not afraid of the water, just give a kick and he demonstrated how to click your heels on their side, which we'd done to keep them from devouring the landscaping on the side of the road down there. So, my bil was encouraging his horse, but, it was a no go. That wasn't going to stop mine though. He got right next to C's horse and decided to show off his equestrian jumping skills. Yep, JUMPING skills. I'd never jumped anything on a horse, my experience consisted of "vacation" riding horses and one attempt to control a horse where my friend was taking lessons in the elementary school. So, this was new to me.

All of a sudden I was leaning back, my husband behind me yelling at me to hang on. I felt his body lunge and I dug my hands under the saddle with them still somehow hanging on to the horn and I leaned forward. My body weight wasn't quite even and I teetered, okay, leaned, side to side a few times, wobbling to get my balance on Rain again after he landed. Everyone was in pure shock that I managed to stay on, um, so was I. Yes, my husband keeps reminding me, he thought the vacation was over right then and there. Third world country, medical care would be sub-par at best. But, I recovered quickly and we went on with the rest of the tour. But, each time we came up to water, I gave him a little extra love and just steered him into the water first, no JUMPING little streams big guy! I was finally coming back down from my adrenaline rush to relax again, and wow!

That night, those bruises that I mentioned, those self-inflicted fun bruises, the kind I smuggly remind my husband, "You did it to yourself", started to show. The inside and back of my left leg, pretty colors of deep purple and blue. I knew I did something to my toosh in the landing, but didn't remember actually feeling the thud, I just felt it when I sat down. Well, my entire backside and groin hurt when I sat down. We were all walking a little funny. But this was a sore spot. So, a few days later, I'm looking in the mirror trying to reach the middle of my back to get my lotion on when I notice it. I had to do a double/triple take. Right where my butt cheeks come together, there's a deep purple bruise. It hurt just looking at it. At first glance it looked like a blood blister. The idea of having to go to the infirmy gave me chills. Gave dh a one timer to check out my bootie. He starts giggling after the obligatory, "Ouch". How considerate, I show you my bootie and you're laughing. He tells me two nights before he caught me getting into the shower and saw it, but he thought it was, ummmm, something else. "Well, you were getting in the shower anyways, I figured you'd take care of it, so I didn't say anything. I thought you lost your marbles and forgot how to wipe." LOVELY!!!!! I knew I couldn't trust you to tell me if I had spinach in my teeth, or a boogie in my nose, he didn't want "to be rude". RME

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Kristin said...

I had a great time reading that! Even though I knew the story already, you had me smiling all over again. :) Are you ready to go back yet???