Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holy Puppy Cuteness!

Just a video diary, because Bella is growing FAST. She makes bathtime sound like we're torturing her, she does not like the water. We always joke that if we don't video it, PETA is going to come out and get us for soap bubble cruelty. Since she "shake"s 95% of the time, she really is putting on a little show of hostility towards Mermaid and Ick. I was getting really frustrated with her biting this morning, so her loving and licking my hand, I'm definitely "Momma", her little savior for the moment. lol Oh, and if you catch the "Crack kills...", "Well then don't look", my dd really doesn't do crack(Uncle C). We think Bella looks like she should be in puppy food commercials, or replace the toilet paper commercial dog. We have to shut the bathroom door in her area or she gets in and has a hay day with the toilet paper roll, she LOVES paper! In fact, she loves wood molding, the tag on her pillow, fingers, toes, shoes(she has a shoe fetish), plastic pop bottles, and hoses, you name it.

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