Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Need Ideas & Thoughts....

Found this in a magazine today. These are the colors on the girls' bedspreads. I showed Mermaid right away this morning and she's leaning towards a brown room! I think that would be so dramatic and cool. So, the question is, brown, pink, or green, or a combination, one wall brown, the others pink? They have white captains beds that can/will be repainted. 6 drawers on each side, so keep them white? Or paint them a contrasting color from the walls, brown, pink, or green? And a desk that is currently light gray, should it be green, pink, or brown? An armoire that is white with pink doors, keep it white, but just paint the doors green, pink, or brown? They have a rag throw rug made of the same colors, came with the comforter sets. But I love the carpet tiles too! Same rooms, different color walls:
Brown Walls

Pink Walls

Green Walls

Inspiration and Accessories

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Kari said...

I love the green and brown together. I also love pink and brown (you know that, I've showed you my dd's room).

I also really love light blue and brown together. I've seen a lot of stuff with that color combo around too.

I think I would go with either a 2 tone wall with brown on the bottom or another color on the wall and brown for accent colors, bedspread, etc... because brown is such a heavy color. OTH if her room is really big, a brown wall(s) could work?