Saturday, August 11, 2007

Great Balls of Fire!

Thank you Lisa for setting my mind at ease!

Last night dh was out of town again, and of course I couldn't sleep. But just as I was drifting off I heard a loud "thump". I ran upstairs to the boys room where I thought a book shelf could have fallen over. This was a Central Coast type thump, where the house shook a little and the windows gave a rattle, so I thought we may have had our first earthquake here. But we're not on a fault zone here, but leave it to us to bring one with us. The last house we were in for just a few months when we had a monstrous 6.5, I just knew we were bringing the cursed discovery of a new fault. lol Nope, nothing, nadda, zip. Maybe it was a big animal that fell on my deck outside my bedroom window, or somewhere on our deck. So, I listened for a while and nothing, perfectly quiet like usual. I did hear a dog barking in the distance so I summoned it was just a little earthquake.

Then this morning I wake up to read the news online, and there it is!

'"Loud Boom" Believed To Be The Result Of Meteor Shower'

"Representatives with the **** Police Department and both the *** and *** County Sheriff's Departments say they fielded numerous calls early this morning in regards to a "loud boom," and "structures shaking."

According to a *** Police Department report, there were several calls from residents who reported seeing "a blue light," just before the "loud boom." The incident reportedly occurred at 12:09am. The Police Department notes that it also received a call from a resident in ***, in which a female reported seeing what she thought was fireworks, and then something spiraling over her house.

Early indication from the law enforcement agencies is that the loud boom was somehow the result of a meteor shower. It remains under investigation."

So, if you want to see this too, today and tomorrow are supposed to be fantastic viewings of the showers. One site said their best advice is stay out of the city lights and grab a reclining lawn chair and a blanket and sit back and enjoy the show.


Heidi said...

This IS the best time of year for falling star showers! I forgot about that! I'll have to go lay outside on the dirt in my back yard & take a look-see! Glad you weren't abducted!

LisaAnniePants said...

LOL Your Welcome!