Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We're heeeeeeere!

Okay, it took literally 45 minutes to unpack the moving truck. And even though I think I labelled everything pretty darn good, it is taking forever to find things. LOL I think Mermaid is finally warming up to the house, she just needs to make some friends quickly. The ward members we've met have been so incredibly warm, just solidifying we've made the right decision, in fact the whole town has been.

Last night we had a pioneer day activity to go to as well. I just changed my shirt and spritzed on some Obsession, re-powdered my face and left. My hair looked like crap, but oh well. We ran in to Walmart and the door greeter said I smelled really good. LOL ! I told her that was the last compliment I expected to get today because we just moved here today. "WELCOME to S! You'll love it here." And even the grocery store I asked this obvious mom lie woman where I could find something in the store, she looked like she knew it. And she told me that if I wanted a better cooler they're cheaper down the road. lol I told her I was just trying to hydrate the moving crew. "Oh I've lived here my whole life. WELCOME! You will just love it." I saw her again in the parking lot and she came over and took my cart for me and welcomed me again. The hospitality is just heartwarming.


kris... said...

That is so cool, Jenne! I hope you love it there, I really do!!!

LisaAnniePants said...

Yay! I'm glad things are good!

Kari said...

I hope it all continues to be just as dreamy and great as it has been so far! You SO deserve it!!!!

ang said...

How nice to know there are still sweet, caring people in this world! It sounds like you'll fit in just PERFECT there!