Wednesday, June 27, 2007

House Buying Roller Coaster....

9:30 pm Update: We have a WRITTEN agreement! Escrow opens tomorrow. Woohoo!

3:00 pm Update: We have a VERBAL agreement! Just waiting for the docs to come through, will sign, send back, and the ball will get rolling. Woohoo!

10:00 am We're playing the game verbally right now. I'm "not allowed" to discuss my feelings with the realtor because as dh said, "I'm ready to give away the farm" for it. lol Yes, I want it SO bad. I need prayers to keep my tongue tied and my lips zipped. My tummy is in knots. The sellers have already countered our "worst case scenario", so we're in(on our side at least). OMGosh, just how much of this game will dh play? He's on his way to the beach with the kids and has a few stops to make in the mean time. So, it will be an hour before I get to talk to him. He's meeting my bil/sil there so I called them on their cell and told them to make him call immediately. This is just driving me batty. I'm sure it's good to go, this is just the hardest part for me. My neck is so tight, I have a stress headache, and I literally feel like I'm being brought back up on a real roller coaster, you know that mach 5 jet feeling, like you're being lifted into space. I can't sit down to do anything because I just need to pace. Ack!

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