Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back at the bottom of the roller coaster again....

Friday 9:00 a.m. Our local realtor calls to inform us he received an email cancellation on the sale of our house. He "assumes" it's because more have come on the market. So, when dh gets back from the lake he calls the dipwad coward and tells him he wants answers because this is getting old. So, dipwad coward realtor calls the other realtor and the girl buying our house hasn't even spoken to his client she called his assistant. She decided it was just too small. Um, HELLO! She came and spent time IN the house while we were out of town and signed the contract AFTER. That is an immoral louzy crappy no good thing to do. But hey, it's CA, your John Hancock doesn't mean squat. In CA you can apparently backout of any offer within 17 days of agreed acceptance. No reason necessary. Well, we're taking a week to sign our cancellation agreement with the rude wanna be buyer. This is crap.

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