Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bella Book Worm

Our dog is a hoot, wait, that's an owl.  Well, she cracks us up, a lot.  Her vocabulary is really pretty incredible.  She understands not just the inflections in our voice, but there are many words we can't even spell out.  Never say the word, "walk" in her presence, she will go nuts.  She will run circles and look for her leash and you will, you MUST take her for a walk.  If her begging and pleading don't get you her golden eyes will.  And you must never spell "walk", by the time you finish "double u" she will be on you.  "Exercise, constitution, fitness,...", all taboo along with their nicknames, "e-cize, consta, fit, etc...".  And never bring up "bye-bye", as if she needs any other excuse to go wild.

She listens to every word we say, that adorable head tilt is just too cute.  So, she likes to pop up on the ottoman and I started just talking to her.  Then I really felt kind of silly, what the heck does she know?  Really?  So I just read a little blurb and she sits there tilting her head at every word she recognizes and it's just too cute.

She hopped up while I was reading Pioneer Woman's new post about her childrens' book about her dog, Charlie.
You can read that HERE.

 And then she tucked in her back paws and got cozy, lol.

At Christmas time too she reads with all of us as we read the Scriptures.


Mary said...

She looks like a great companion. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Heather Matthews said...

Hi Jen,

I love the Pioneer Woman! (but then again, who doesn't these days :))

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