Thursday, March 4, 2010


If anyone from Calvin Klein ever reads this blog, which I'm sure they won't, but I am BEGGING you to PLEASE bring back Eternity Purple Orchid. I'm nearly out again and have you SEEN what Ebayers are paying. You obviously have a WIN with this fragrance, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back! It is the only fragrance I have ever considered replacing your Obsession, that I've worn since high school, with. I even let my Obsession run out for your beautiful and simple purple bottle. I don't even like the color purple, I bought a little sample of Purple Orchid on an impulse buy and fell in LOVE with it. So please, with lot of sugar on top? XO~Me

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Angela said...

No you have me totally curious and now way to ever know what it smells like!

by the way...I tagged you on my blog. You won an award and now need to do the same for your friends!