Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Central Coast Trip Part 1

Growing up on the Central Coast(San Luis Obispo, pronounced san-as in apple, loo-iss oh-biss-poh), there were always things we were embarrassed to admit. When people we would meet from out of town would say, "Oh, yeah, that's where Madonna Inn is!" Oy, if one more person knew us for the pink hotel and the rock bathroom we thought we'd hurl. You never admitted as a child you were part of this. But, now that I'm older, and more, uh hem, SEASONED, I miss it and send everyone there! We came back to visit after moving to the Sierras 3 years ago to visit with friends and family that we miss so much. I was getting off the 101 and before I knew it we were driving into the Madonna Inn parking lot. We realized our kids had never experienced it! As ALWAYS, Madonna Inn is impeccably clean and neat, well maintained, the landscaping is always top notch. I have a set of pink signature Madonna Inn goblets passed down from my grandparents, and we saw the tables dressed with linens and the same goblets when we walked in. Those are my daughter's favorite cups to sip from. I keep them low so we use them often. The entry was decorated for the Easter season of course. Madonna Inn has always had over the top character and charm, and I'm glad we finally took them to our little local treasure that we've taken advantage of.

The tulips in the garden in front of the cafe and entrance.

The rock urinal in the men's bathroom. Don't worry, they were just pretending. Lots of potty jokes after this stop.

There's an electric eye that turns on the waterfall from the rocks above. It's the cleanest smelling mens bathroom! Not that I've been in many, but you know, you just walk by some and peeee-yooooo.

K-Bug in the entry.

Beautiful Day

Next Stop: Gumball Alley

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just me said...

i want one of those waterfall urinals in MY house!! i love that!!