Monday, February 15, 2010

You're never too old for some tests....

Yesterday, Mr. D was sustained and set apart as the Bishop of our Ward. I'm SO grateful for our previous Bishop. The theme for Ward Conference was about Capt. Moroni. The meeting was wonderful, and it was nice to know how many people love and respect Mr. D and support him. We're very excited about the blessings to come. I'll have to post more later. But today was definitely a day of tests for this new Bishop's Wife.

The kids went sledding up at a member's home today, it was a joint ward Mutual activity. So, Mr. D went with the kids and drove some. Me+ice= BAD idea. Everyone understands, lol. So, I went and ran a whole bunch of errands. First on my list was Walmart. The girl didn't charge me for something so I went back in and she rang it up. She handed me my Mentos gum to put in my purse but they didn't ring up. I just couldn't drive away!

NEXT stop, Dollar Tree, and she didn't ring up one of the colored sand things, but I caught it before she totaled it up, lol. NEXT stop, CVS. I asked the cashier if she had seen any of those coconut M&Ms and we started talking about how delicious we must imagine them to be. I put 1 12 pack of Diet Coke on the belt and I guess she got distracted, she didn't even see the other 3 in my cart. LOL So, I get out to the car, double check the receipt, and sure enough, she only charged me for 5 out 8 items. LOL So, I went back in. HF is testing me! Am I really qualified to do this?! I was laughing, seriously laughing. She got it all worked out and I left.

Next I go to the grocery store and there are coupons in their ad I need but they were all out. So the lady at the customer service desk said a lot of cashiers have extras. So, when I went up, those were the ONLY coupons left the one cashier had, lol.

I get home, unload everything by myself, everyone is gone, I turn on the computer, and the kids get home. Mr. D says Ick needs to go to the ER. Oy! So, I look at his hand, he smashed his left hand when the 3 boys and him crashed the inner tube they were on. His knuckle above his ring finger was GONE. So, we're thinking the thing is totally dislocated.

So I take him in, and an hour and a half later we finally get triaged. In the mean time we're being quite entertained by a kid(probably a HS Senior) and his girlfriend and a chaperone and his daughter. This kid, K, wasn't wearing a helmet and he obviously had a concussion. "Where am I?" You're in the ER. "What happened?" You hit your head. "Where? Where was I?" At Dodge Ridge. "I'm SO sorry (sobbing too). I never fall, I'm so sorry I ruined your day." It's okay K, you're more important. "Where am I?" You're in the ER. "What happened?" You hit your head. It was JUST like out of 50 First Dates. It was so hard not to giggle. But even his friends were. The chaperone told Ick, "THIS is why you always wear a helmet!" LOL His parents finally got there, they were from Pleasanton, about an hour and a half away. Poor kid, he was waiting in the hallway because the ER was PACKED for a CT Scan. His forehead was totally scraped up too. He was vomiting and SO tired. They had him laying semi-erect and let him fall asleep. He was just getting so agitated before that. His dad was caressing his arm though and kept making sure he could wake up.

So, they finally x-ray Ick's hand and by the time the Dr. comes out his knuckle is back where it's supposed to be. So, if it was dislocated, it went back by the time we left. It's actually bothering him more now, but it looks better. After all that, a lady puking blood in the waiting room, that poor kid, I decided Heavenly Father was having fun with me today. But I was taking it all very well.

Oh, and the BEST part!!!!!! Since the ER was full(yes, I called the ped. first and he was closed) they took Ick and I back to the "Psych" room. She explained that she may have to rush in and throw us out, sometimes they only get maybe 60 seconds notice. So, we're going in and there are a pair of nurses on each side of the bed, one is changing the pillow case. The ER Manager(?) leaves the room and the nurse starts to take off Ick's jacket and the other guy is eying Ick. The ER Manager comes running back in and tells the nurses that he's not a 5150! LOL That's code for 'danger to himself'. The nurses turned all sheets of red and started laughing. They were getting ready to strip him down for a psych hold! LOL I told Ick, "SEE, this is what happens when you're sarcastic to the triage nurses!" Bwahaha


Kristin said...

Wow! What a day! If this keeps it up, you will have to post daily to entertain us all. :) You are doing a good job passing your "tests". Todd will be a great Bishop! Glad Eric is okay, too. Good luck today....

Angela said...

Your hubby will be a wonderful bishop! How exciting for you and him! Lots of blessings, but I'm sure those come with lots of frustrations too. I know the Lord will bless you and help will come when he's off on the Lord's errand! {{hugs}}

Anonymous said...

My hubby was just called as Bishop on Sunday, so I was just goggling around to see if any other bloggers out there were in the same place. ;)
Hope all is going smoothly for you all!