Friday, January 15, 2010


The news homepage, already, they're still digging out survivors and the headlines read: "Haiti: Where Will Your Money Go? - Haiti has received billions of dollars in taxpayer and private aid from the United States and others, yet is so poor that few homes had safe drinking water, sewage disposal or electricity even be..." And my favorite: "Scientists Warned Haiti of Quake in '08". Already, the blame game! Already speculating about monies. We are smart enough to KNOW that there will always be someone shameful enough to take advantage of someone's heart strings.

My favorite place to send donations, because I KNOW without a doubt, it will be put to good use and there is nothing controversial about their help. And they are already prepared for these natural catastrophes:

Blogs and message boards are popping up with posts and instructions on how to put kits together for the basic necessities. Personal Hygiene, Newborn Kits, etc.... all are needed, and instructions can be found online too. Great for a girls night out project, with family, neighbors, just throwing it out there. Anytime we take an opportunity to serve and help others, we reap rewards spiritually and in many other ways.

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