Friday, December 18, 2009

Some Thoughts on Christmas...

One of the things I've missed this year is my Nativity. Last year nearly all of the pieces broke and looks hideous. The care of it doesn't reflect my love and respect of the Savior. So, I asked my husband for just a modest, simple, plain Nativity scene for next year. I have my Santa's up, who I do believe resembles the Spirit of the season as well. The biggest compliment we can give our Savior is to emulate his love in service. Santa also serves and he started off according the legends I've read, also serving in love of the Savior. Mr. D commented tonight when we finally got the piano set up that now he really wished I had a Nativity to put on top of it.

Our missionaries also stopped by for a visit and a message. They bring a special Spirit with them, and I'm grateful every time they drop in. Mr. D asked them how many Christmas' they've missed and both have missed two at home. But they commented on how it's not that hard really. When you're serving and SO focussed, it actually makes for a very spiritual and most memorable two years. I likened it to Christmas on steroids.

I didn't get my cards out this year, just too much going on. But, I wish everyone a VERY Merry Christmas!

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Kristin said...

I appreciated your Christmas thoughts! I will consider this post my card from you. :) I hope you get your nativity. There is that beautiful Willow Tree one at the Rustic Hutch we went to while you were here.... Bet there will be a good sale after Christmas. Wanna come back? :)