Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm Mooning September....

Here is what happened from start to finish:
- My modem died(anyone who knows me knows not having the internet is just wrong)
- The Kia Crappia crapped out, $550 for a repair that we asked the mechanics to do 2 months ago, it would have cost a lot less had they done what we asked.
- Someone stole my ATM # from out of the country, Union Bank totally treated ME like the criminal. ONLY took 9 days to get it resolved, which if you are at any other bank would have taken 1! Have to say, our local manager was awesome, the corporate who-ha's caused all the problems. But she even got me the customer advocate who remedied it finally to my satisfaction.
- Opened a new acct. at a new bank, but just got our atm cards today, something happened and they forgot to order them until the 22nd.
- Someone backed into the Kia Crappia, maybe this will pay for the auto repair.
- The dog got sick, really sick, so we missed a trip back to our hometown to visit family and friends, she's fine now, actually very healthy per the vet at her booster appt. today, ate something that made her sick for a week, and so not fun!
- I thought I broke my hand, but it is just a good deep tissue bruise, lovely colors to prove it too.
- Today I ran into Mr. D's office to get his paycheck(changed banks so no auto-pay yet for the new acct.) Came out to a dead car battery. Gggrrrr.
- Since bad things happen in threes, I don't like odd numbers, crap decided to be a little overzealous for me to prove crap is still in charge.

WELCOME October!

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