Thursday, July 16, 2009

Untitled(on purpose)....

I just don't know what to title this post, "Flipping Off Being Politically Correct?" But then again, it IS politically correct to tell people they are endangering the public and being selfish. If I see someone who should not be driving, I WILL(here is my written promise) tell you and if need be tackle you down and take your keys!

Here is what happened yesterday. Mr. D got home a little later than normal because he drove up onto an accident that had just happened, he was the first one there. Another car behind him pulled up too and called 911 while Mr. D climbed down the ditch/ravine to see what he could do. While waiting for the emergency response team and police to show up she told Mr. D and the other bystander that she was 21, had just been treated at the hospital for nausea and drove home, she also had the hospital bracelet on(I questioned whether she was telling the truth). Her 41 year old fiance showed up, both appeared to be "meth heads". Mr. D had to turn around and head out for an appt. to help a friend move some heavy equipment so I didn't get to release my anger on him, yet.

I called the hospital and explained my anger of their releasing an ER patient, how my husband could have been her head on victim if she hadn't run herself off the road first, and she put me through to the Nursing Supervisor. She was already aware of this patient and told me she left against medical advice. I asked her if they allowed patients to just drive off, and she said, no no, that's not the case. She TOLD them she was just waiting for her ride and just got in her car and drove off. She told the police this too.

Here's the thing, I lost my sister to a repeat drunk driver, my friend lost her husband, widowing her with 6 wonderful children, I called in a drunk driver on the freeway back in April and have to testify in court on Monday against him. Haven't we ALL been affected by selfish idiots way too often? I'm just sick, really sick, I got nauseated. I feel very unsafe. I feel that nobody cares enough to protect our community to stop these people. And these people are not being prosecuted strongly enough. Take them away from their families and friends, and see how much it hurts when they lose their loved ones. And in the news this morning, more updates on lawmakers wanting to make pot legal?! We can't even protect ourselves from alcohol and legal drugs? Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea, it's just not worth the $1.6B potential tax dollars it could bring to our already irresponsible state.

It's time to write our politicians. It's time to get involved in your community programs fighting drugs and alcohol and driving under the influence. It's time to take away the keys!

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