Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Deal with K-Bug

Okay, so all of her friends, her leaders, Mermaid and I, ALL of her friends at school have read Twilight. So we've been teasing the crud out of her that she might as well just give in, eventually she will and it will probably be curricullum in a few years. Mermaid even started reading it out loud to her until she discovered K-Bug put in ear plugs! LOL Twilight reminds me so much how when Harry Potter first came out everyone was all up in arms about witch craft and magic and now they're the biggest HP fans. Twilight just seems to suck everyone in too. We have a rule that they all have to be working on A book, some book at all times.

So, K-Bug's running around because her favorite series has run out, the Last Olympian, Lightning Thief series, etc... Well, she's become a real bookworm but decided her favorite books are quirky and funny, adventure and a little bit of romance. Hhhhmmmm, K-Bug, you sound like you're talking about Twilight. "NO!!!"

I teased her last night that(Mermaid & Dad are leaving tomorrow for a week) I wouldn't tell anyone if she read it, it would be our little secret. She's giggling like crazy. See, I know she WANTS to read it, but that stubborn poop side of her(must be from Dad's side since I don't have a lick of stubborn in me) has her feet in the sand. So then I make a deal,

"Okay, I promise that if you read it, I'll not only keep it a secret, but I'll take you to the midnight showing of New Moon."

Giggle-giggle, "No!!!"

So I have to up the ante here. "Okay, I'll keep the secret, I'll take you to the midnight New Moon, AND I'll buy New Moon on DVD when it comes out."

"NO!!!!" Giggle-giggle.

I can see her thinking though, just maybe!

So this morning she comes out and tells me she wants to make these button bracelets and sell them to make money. This morning before church she comes up and tells me she'll read Twilight if I give her $24.00! LOL It's not so much that I want her to read it as much as I'm sick of this dang stubborn streak and she's been running around here describing a book she wants to read but won't. LOL I ask her how she came up with $24, and because it seems like a strange amount, is she saving for something??? "No, there are 24 chapters in the book, so that's $1 a chapter." Okey dokey little stinker, but I'm not giving you a dime until after you've read the whole thing and I'm quizzing you! LOL

UPDATE: As of now, Wed., 5:00pm, I owe her $9.00. And she really is reading it, she's telling me all sorts of parts that aren't in the movie. lol

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