Thursday, April 30, 2009


All is well, except for Little White. It was not Mermaid's fault. Mermaid was leaving school when the truck in line behind her thought she had proceeded, but she hadn't and he crunched into the tail light. When Dad and Mermaid had gotten home from work/school(they share the Kia) we took some pictures and realized there was actually a lot more damage than just the tail light. The bumper was pushed up, but it's kind of rubbery and vinyl, so hopefully that's just a little elbow grease. The trunk got crunched, and it's now slightly tilted, so when you open the trunk you really can't open it all the way because it hits the window on the left side. It wasn't a student that did this by the way. Just wanted to reassure that I still believe teenagers have better reaction time than many adults. And the guy that hit her did feel awful. Now we're just waiting for the claims adjuster to give the okay to get a quote. Since we're in the middle of nowhere, they'll have to send someone to come pay us a visit. Only one place in "Nowhere" that will work on Kia's so they will get to see cute Little White again. We just had a new radiator put it in too. I'm going to get my money out of that new radiator dang it, so I'm grateful it didn't get totalled either! Although Dad and Mermaid were hoping that radiator repair would cost more so they could dump it and get a new car. Ha!

One of these corners is not like the other:

The right side:

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Fleming Family said...

I'm glad no one was hurt and that it wasn't her fault. I hope it's a good outcome!