Friday, February 13, 2009

Snow Day!

Bella LOVES the snow, and even more so, chasing anyone/anything in the snow. I don't know if she thought they were going too fast, but she kept trying to stop them. Silly dog. This is Ick sledding down our driveway. The wonderful thing about our town, there are no flat streets, so now they've hooked up with some neighbor kids and are having a ball. I fully expect to see a snowball war to work it's way up here any time now.

There are some more PICS and VIDEO HERE


Tamara said...

Dang! Your kids can be violent against poor, defenseless snowmen! ;) Bella has gotten so big! Is she full-grown yet?

Jenne said...

They're warped children, lol. I think Bella's about as big as she's going to get now, she'll be 9 mos. old next week. She loves to play hide and seek, so easily entertained. LOL