Monday, September 15, 2008


Got home Sunday night about 11:30, after such a FUN four days of Sistahood! I laughed so hard I lost my voice(might just be coincidence, this time of year I always get laryngitis, the kids love it), and when I said "hallelujah" on the car ride home, no one "got it", lol.

To recap from my sleep deprived memory, we were picked up at the SLC Airport from a petite little chauffeur with a black S&M hat & black tie holding the sign above and her entourage of fellow Runaway Housewives with leis around their necks too. After hugs and introductions to the newbies we were off to lunch at Red Rock Brewery for some yummy late afternoon goodies and catching up from the last time we talked, like 2 hours before on the board. LOL Then up to the cabin in Heber where you could house the entire US Army and more snacks, getting to know more newbies that came later, and fun games late into the early morning. Friday was some shopping for some of us in Park City, then more Sistas arrived and we went out to eat a nice dinner in Heber at Snake Creek Grill(our table had good service and the food was very rich). Back for more games that make you cry(Curses, Mafia, What if?, Psychiatrist, ummmm, what else?). Saturday was MY lazy day, didn't go anywhere, just hung out and chatted, made some jewelry(THANK YOU SHAYLA!), we tore ourselves away for a big group pic in the T's Alisa DONATED(SO GENEROUS!, thank you Alisa), and more games into the night, Imaginiff was new to me and hysterical. Sunday was very sad :( , we packed up and headed out, dropped Kari off at the airport, went out to lunch, and then hung out at the airport for a LONG time, but got to see 4 more Sistas off!

The babies! Oh my goodness, the sweetness and softness, I keep saying, I would have gladly sacrificed my shopping treasures to take them home in my suitcase! ;) But, alas, this momma's got nothin' to offer with these cheechee's and their own mommas would miss them sorely. Clarabelle, Coby, & Amy were just the sweetest, happiest, and never fussed. Their families are so blessed!

While I was off playing, dh took the 3 littles(11, 11, & 12) to San Francisco to visit with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Lindsay for Bones & K-Bug's b-day while Mermaid stayed home to take care of Bella, our puppy. They went to the Exploratorium, a fort under the Golden Gate, the Oakland Temple, Rainforest Cafe, the wharf, and got some shopping in with their b-day money. I heard they had an amazing breakfast too. Oh, and only one casualty, Bones' noggin was sliced open when Mr. D got a little overzealous with the Wii, but Uncle Kevin took care of him(HE SAVES LIVES). They learned some puppy training techniques from Kevin & Lindsay from their training Chauncey(who K-Bug is in love with). Came home to a pretty clean house, Mermaid did a great job! And was mauled by Bella when she saw us, and I think she grew another 2 inches at least.

So, back to the real world now. No pictures because honestly, I don't like my picture taken, so I don't make other people pose. I don't think I let too much out, what happens in Heber, stays in Heber!



kris... said...

I said Hallelujiah last night, too, and nobody got it around here, either. ROFL!

I prefer to take posed shots, and yet I hate asking people to pose for me, so I didn't take very many either. Except of the babies. You don't have to ask them to pose. They just do!

I had a lot of fun and it was GREAT to see you again!!!

Kristin said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I love the Park City outlets. Did you find a bunch of stuff? Looks like the rest of the fam had a fun time while you were gone, too. I am so glad Kevin was there to take care of Casey! :)

Denise said...

Hallelujah! ROFL! The title almost made me do a little Hallelujah myself. It was so fun to see you again! I had a great weekend.