Monday, July 14, 2008

Puppy Breath, Not as Sweet as Vampire's Breath....

Bella. If you've read Twilight you know that the main character is Bella and is love with a Vampire named Edward, and she loves the smell of his breath. This is also the name of our new puppy, and she definately does NOT have sweet breath. She is sweet though, and is very good, mild manored(especially for a puppy), she's quick to learn, and recalls every step she's taken. We're doing crate training and she is in love with her kennel(or house). Her 5:30 a.m. wake up calls are no big deal since she does sleep through the night. She's yet to make a mess in her area(the mud room, hall, and kennel), but she's left a few presents in the living room. I have a protection plan though, area rug will go over the carpet after I instigate that tonight after she goes to bed. She's really just very content in "her" space. We're trying to establish the Alpha-male, and she responds quick if you growl at her, or a little tug on her leash. Speaking of, she loves her leash already! I can't believe how fast that worked. We've had her since Saturday, and when she sees me coming at her with the leash she knows she's going outside. We ONLY and ALWAYS put the leash on for outside, even on the deck(tall baby gates keep her protected out there) with the gates. Just so she associates outside with leash/potty/treats. Unlike Bella in the series, she's not attracted to other monsters, or dogs, she's actually quite afraid of them, even though she was born on a ranch with all kinds of other dogs. She's very cautious about going any farther than we've already walked. And when she knows we're going home, she follows her path home. Obviously she has a fantastic sniffer! She's learning, and I'm sure it will get easier. She's loving all of the attention and loves to lay out on the deck with me when I read my book. She discovered ice cubes are fun to play with on the deck, they slide very easily in between the planks for ideal chasing. Thank you Kevin and Lindsay for that idea!

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