Thursday, May 15, 2008

We're Booked!!!

NCL Spirit has won! It was my first choice too, dh and I were looking at this ship 2 years ago even! I LOVE this ship and have been itching to get on it. So, *I* am extremely happy with my fil's decision! And we're excited about cruising NCL again, we really really enjoyed NCL's Freestyle and for bigger groups like ours, I think it will be really relaxing. We're only at sea 2 days, and that's what I enjoy, I love being at sea and rocking in the sun on a lounge chair, just reading a book and sipping virgin strawberry daquiris. Even MORE important to me, I LOVE sunrise walks around the deck. I can't describe the peacefulness that comes from a brisk walk and coming around the corner of the ship as the sun is rising. It's breathtaking. All that fresh, humid, ocean air, not fishy, but fresh ocean air. It is detoxifying! And how fun it is to smell all the fresh baking going on too. The breads are baking, cakes, and you get whiffs of suntan lotion too.

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