Thursday, May 1, 2008

Funky Cool News & Brags...

Yesterday, Mr. D met with a BYU Rep who is recruiting one of his football players. Mr. D mentioned that his dad was recruited to play for BYU(I will let him keep his dignity and not say how long ago that was) and they became instant buds. So, he mentioned that our sheriff is our Bishop, and the judge is our YM President. So, he is going to interview them for this YM's recruitement too!

Yesterday, Mermaid had another track meet yesterday. She's been running in the 4x100 relay, usually she just throws the diskus and shotput. But, they needed her, and she's having a ball with it! I'm hoping this means she'll be adding some running events to her track goals next year. She also PR'd(personal record) shotput yesterday by 2'1"! Last meet she PR'd diskus, and the meet before that she PR'd the shotput too. So, she's averaging a PR per meet right now! Woohoo!

I figured out my Blackberry! Yup, I have it hot syncing to my Yahoo Mail Plus now, I'm so excited I was able to figure this out all on my own. This means I don't have to use Microsoft Outlook after all which I totally hate! It's good back up, but I don't plan on using it. I'd just rather it all be on the www for me to access anywhere. Wootwoot for me!

Oh, and yesterday our Travel Agent called. The Upgrade Fairy has visited our vacation plans and we were upgraded from 4A(bottom inside of the ship) to a 4F: Forward Lido Deck(pool/buffet). By far the nicest cabin we have and likely will ever have! That's about as high as you can go in upgrades, bottom to top, and they never upgrade to an outside or balcony. Maybe on accident, but they just don't do that. So, we feel very blessed.

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