Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Five Favorites...

Okay, my favorite face powder is really Mary Kay's Loose Mineral, but I needed something easier to stick in my purse and for travel. Well, this is the BEST stuff, and it does what it says. The only drawback is, if you get a little sweaty, it can sting or tingle around your eyes, just the skin. I haven't noticed it running into my eyes. But, this stuff really does exactly what it says it wil do on the packaging. I've noticed a huge difference around my eyes.

Summer, need I say more?

Again, Summer, need I say more?

This is my new favorite stuff, feels like I just got my teeth cleaned, and since I still don't have any cavities, it must be working!

I LOVE these things! Taste like a big Chips Ahoy, but soft and chewy and just the right size and texture, not cakey, just rich buttery chocolatey chip goodness.

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