Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Staying on Track...

I have to have constant reminders around me, but too many, and I get used to them and am oblivious. So, what I found that works for me, I velcro'd my Weight Watchers Calculator to my fridge. I don't journal, that's just too much work for me, for now. I also have my permanent marker right where I want it too. As I unload my groceries, I calculate serving points and put a big point value number over the nutritional info. So, anytime I decide to grab a snack, there it is, plain as day. I can just put in the number(s) and deduct it from my daily allowance. Like sioux chefs, I calculate my points ahead of time so when I'm ready to cook or eat, it's done.

This scale is the greatest! I can convert anything, gms/oz, it's all very easy. Put your open face sandwich on the scale, turn it on, and it's automatically at zero. So, add your meat just right on top of your sandwich bread! Easy peazy.

I am SO not an apple person, or any fruit other than watermelon, berries, and grapes. But I do love these little guys, Asian pears. Mmmmmm. (And only 1 pt. each)

And my cold weather hydration. I watched a show with the Dutchess of York, our Fergie, and she boasted of drinking just plain hot lemon water. I'm not a fan of sour things, but I like lemon and warm beverages. I found though I like to dump a packet of True Lemon powder(or lime) in a cup with a packet of Splenda. It's a natural diuretic and so good for you. I also can't drink hot cocoa because it has a lot of milk in it(too sweet anyways). But these little herbal yummies are delish and so good for you. Add a splash of fat-free half and half, which I use for everything, including making scrambled eggs taste better. But even fat-free half and half has calories so I measure it out in this little "shot" glass I found in the cooking section at the store. It's great for measuring anything out too, ketsup, bbq sauce, dressings....

My fabulous treadmill! Put on some tunes, listen to the parenting tapes a friend sent me, watch some dvr'd tv shows, and I'm good to go. It even has a fan!

And the best support group ever!


Heidi said...

you GO girl!
I want a fan on my treadmill - and the strong guy to carry it whereever I want ON HIS BACK! LOL!

Kari said...

Wow, you have a good system down for the points thing! And I'm so with you on the exercise, if you have to do it inside you might as well be watching or listening to something you like! Makes the "chore" easier!! LOL