Friday, June 8, 2007


He passed his limit of patience on Monday. I can't believe he actually drove with his asst. principal that is taking over his post. You wouldn't believe me if I posted some of the things he's doing. Bless him, because he seriously has no clue what he is in for. Either that or total denial. Mr. D finally yelled that people needed to remember that he is STILL the principal and this it is still on his head. His AP said something to the effect he'd talk to them, and Mr. D said, "I meant YOU." LOL He never ever loses his cool. Ever. His AP is demanding people to do things, he doesn't ever say, could you please..... He walks in and tells them "You need to do x x x" and walks out, no manners whatsoever. Mr. D is seeing his entire office flipping the AP off behind his back. The staff is about to walk out. He's been showing up late to pick up Mr. D when they carpool(I don't know why Mr. D is still doing this, he hates the guy now) and he tells Mr. D that he can be late becauses he's the boss. Whatever!

The twins should be walking by my house anytime with the rest of the 4th graders on their way to the Salinas river for panning for gold. Hope there's water! Ick left this morning for Monterey with all the 5th graders. They'll be back late tonight. He was so excited. He kept asking me to chaperone but I really couldn't today, just couldn't. They want 1 chaperone per 4 kids. Seems a little high, but they can seperate into smaller groups and see more that way. He asked Mr. D but that would mean he'd have to work one more day after the last day of school and he doesn't want to do that, at all! He worked it out so he will get all of his days in by the last day of school.

So, now I'm off(kids just passed, and oh my gosh they are tiny compared to their classmates!) to go run errands, pick up some new flowers, get some dvds for tonight, and maybe a new vacuum.

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Kari said...

Can't blame you for not wanting Todd to have to have ONE more day in that HS with the uppity ups being so rotten.

And that AP - woah!!

Just think, only a couple more weeks! YAY!!!!